Sam's Story

Sam was adjusting to a newly blended family and returned to the US on a scholarship as well as to attend fitness conventions as he is very passionate about physical health. He has spent a significant amount of time in and out of Mental health inpatient stays in Queensland and at times has been very unwell. He has been able to seek treatment and medication to manage his mental health but has found in the past, the lack of support around him has been a huge challenge. His interest in fitness and the gym has assisted him during these inpatient stays, teaching others exercises and the benefits of a good fitness routine. He is a firm believer in self-care, and this has enabled him to seek out help and assistance when required.

Sam has recently come on board with Karakan for Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and has been positive, hopeful and goal orientated from the commencement of this. He has goals of founding a fitness program and is wanting to develop a exercise course for individuals with disabilities. Sam now also runs his own online personal training business. He found Karakan services through his Support Coordinator and has actively participated with his recovery coach on a regular basis. His current goals and work with his Recovery coach has included looking at undertaking further study and what this would look like as well as continuously following up on accessing his supports to maintain his mental health. The support provided to Sam by his Psychosocial Recovery Coach has given the customer extra support and guidance around his goals and interests whilst assisting to maintain his mental health and wellbeing. Sam has been doing extremely well and has been very independent and proactive in seeking additional supports from clinical health providers where required and attends most of his recovery coaching sessions with a positive and bubbly outlook to get closer to achieving his goals of making a difference in the lives of others and those who face their own challenges, to show others what the benefits of fitness and exercise can have long term.

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