YouthKan Youth Support Service

Specialist Youth Out of Home Care

YouthKan, our Specialist Out of Home Youth Support Service is designed to improve the quality of life for young people in out of home care who have severe mental health needs and psychosocial disabilities.

The Youth Out of Home Care service has been designed to ensure each young person has a safe, nurturing and stable home, recovery-oriented mental health supports in a home and living environment, assistance to navigate and access funding and supports (ie. NDIS) to provide a therapeutic approach to building capacity, and service continuity and support when transitioning into adulthood and out of out of home care.

Our Youth Support Service work in an integrated way with community, clinical and service partners to help young people build and foster resilience, build capacity and connect with family, community and the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Two women sitting on a bench having a conversation outside | Featured image for the NDIS Providers YouthKan Page of Karakan.
Two women sitting on a bench having a conversation outside | Featured image for the NDIS Providers YouthKan Page of Karakan.

We do this across the young persons’ journey in out of home care and towards adulthood by ensuring each individual has:

  • Safe, nurturing and stable home environment.

  • Specialised recovery-oriented service that provides person-centred, trauma-informed and strengths-based youth mental health support in a home and living environment and builds individual skills and capacity that encompasses the young person and their family.

  • NDIS access pathway (where required) and assistance coordinating and gathering eligibility evidence, submitting access request application, working with NDIS planner to obtain approved funding, developing the NDIS Plan, and coordinating and connecting with appropriate supports.

  • Service continuity and support navigating systems when transitioning into adulthood and out of out of home care, providing service coordination to ensure appropriate housing and supports.

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How Does Our Youth Support Service Work?

When a young person is referred to our service a Home and Living Outcomes Plan is collaboratively prepared with the young person, the Department of Child Safety and other key stakeholders (i.e family if appropriate), providing the opportunity to identify, voice and outline their home and living needs, goals and outcomes, helping them to plan with optimism, build capacity, have a sense of belonging, purpose and wellbeing and achieve their potential.

The plan provides a guide to the young person, Karakan and their supports and is regularly reviewed, adapted, and evolved with the young person and their stakeholders to help them identify, celebrate and evaluate their progress, needs, challenges, strengths and areas of ongoing focus and growth. 

Wherever possible the young person’s family will be engaged in the development, ongoing establishment and review of the Home and Living Outcomes Plan as this is consistent with applying a holistic, recovery-oriented and capacity building approach to planning and supports.

Key Elements of the Specialist Youth Out of Home Care service

Specialised Support
  • Youth mental health support and psychosocial support in residential service
  • Recovery-oriented practice with young person and family
  • TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) framework
  • Hope and healing

Building Capacity
  • Learning, education and interests
  • Building, managing relationships
  • Access to funding and NDIS supports to meet needs and build capacity
  • Work in partnerships with clinical youth mental health supports, allied health and community supports

Continuity of Supports
  • Help transitioning to formal and informal supports when 18 years old
  • Assistance to navigate systems and services
  • Provide housing and social supports

What our clients have to say about our assistance with our services

Karakan supports me in doing the things I want to do. The staff take me shopping and to the swimming pool. I am happy with my support, and I enjoy chatting with staff when they come. I am going well with Karakan now.
Runbo Wang
Karakan has made me confident, happy, and keen to move forward with life. My team have been really engaging and supporting me to maintain my home and engage in studies. Karakan has helped me maintain my visits with my daughter and the staff have been instrumental in my development.
Lily Nain
I am extremely satisfied with the support provided by the service team. I am happy with my support worker and feel very safe and supported.

Client Stories

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Sam was adjusting to a newly blended family and returned to the US on a scholarship...
John is 53 years of age and currently living alone. Diagnosed with Schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder...

Trusted Providers of Specialist Youth Support Service

Karakan is your trusted NDIS provider Gold Coast and Brisbane wide, dedicated to facilitating tailored and meaningful support to create a better future. 

To learn more about our NDIS support services, or to get started on your Specialist Youth Out of Home Care journey, please give us a call on (07) 3299 1898 or send an email to customerservice@karakan.com.au.