About Us

Our Story

The Karakan story began in 1972 where it first established as a grass-roots, non-for-profit community organisation committed to providing support for people leaving institutions and seeking to integrate into community.

These supports included providing accommodation, assistance accessing community, and helping people learn new skills to increase their independence.

Since its humble beginnings, Karakan has since grown into a prominent local support service provider in the broader Logan and South Brisbane region and today remains a vibrant and sustainable organisation that supports people with mental health needs and disability, to gain identity, connection, and independence within their communities.  We do this through our range of services which includes individual and daily living support, community access, accommodation and supported independent living services, support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching and a range of group activities for individuals with mental health needs and disabilities.  

Our vision is inspired by our past grassroots community connections and experiences, and today our services are founded on principles of recovery and mental health well-being. 

Our Vision An Australia, where people with mental health needs are included and valued. 

Our Mission - Helping people with mental health needs to build resilience and live life better, together.

Our services are centred around our three core values of inclusion, connection, and resilience and continually guided by the belief “YOU CAN. WE CAN.”  

Our Journey

Our Values


We focus on values and strength and strive to build a life of meaning and purpose.


We value authentic interactions, meaningful conversations, and the power of collaboration.


We seek to build an open, safe, and respectful environment and value diverse perspectives.

What we believe in.

Our leadership and approach to service and support is continually guided by the belief “YOU CAN. WE CAN.” This speaks to the unique strength and importance that we recognise in each individual as well as the power of the collective as we work together to build an inclusive community.

We believe that recovery is both unique and individual and our commitment to supporting people through their personal recovery journey in a person-centred way is unwavering. We seek to provide services that support individuals to build independence and self-determination.

We believe in helping people identify their strengths and build on these to create positive outcomes in their lives. We seek to be strengths-based in all aspects of our work and practice as an organisation, including how we lead, support our staff and engage and provide services to our customers and community.

Why Choose Us?

When you join Karakan as a customer, staff, support worker, or partner you join a group of people who are passionately committed to making life better for all. Every person – no matter who they are, count. 

We are flexible and adaptable and work with every customer to understand their needs and aspirations and we seek to tailor our services to meet their needs.

We are on a serious mission to identify how we can more holistically support people with mental health needs to have greater opportunity for social and economic participation in the community, making it inclusive and accessible to all. We love to be around people that are also committed to making this happen!

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