NDIS Group Activities

When it comes to maintaining and improving your mental well-being, it is important to regularly engage in group activities. These interactions allow people to meet new friends, learn new skills or hobbies, and better connect with their community.

That’s why we host a range of NDIS group activities to create a safe and supportive space for those with mental health needs and psychosocial disabilities to come together and have a great time. These activities encourage participants to share their experiences and connect with each other, offering companionship and a sense of belonging. This is vital for those who may feel a sense of isolation or loneliness due to their situation.

We provide the NDIS social groups Brisbane residents can join to learn from one another, gain new perspectives, and develop valuable coping strategies. These experiences help improve one’s mental health and overall well-being, and come in the form of support groups, group therapy sessions, and recreational group activities.

If you’re searching for the NDIS provider dedicated to enriching lives through NDIS social activities, give us a call on (07) 3299 1898 or send an email to customerservice@karakan.com.au to get started.

Our NDIS social activities are opportunities for those with mental health needs and psychosocial disabilities to come together to connect and share their experiences. These activities can be social, recreational, and community related, and provide the chance to build social connections and participate in enjoyable experiences.

We offer NDIS social groups Brisbane and Gold Coast locals engage with for activities like cooking, fishing, gardening, and more. Along with providing participants with the opportunity to connect with others, these activities are designed to be fun. We customise these activities to best suit your needs and preferences, so everyone always feels comfortable.

Cook and Connect with Karakan

Cook n Connect

Cook n Connect is a 7-week community-based program designed to help participants improve their overall well-being through nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. This program is led by an experienced Chef and a Karakan team facilitator, and places individuals in small groups for practical cooking sessions.

Participants learn affordable meal planning, nutritional eating, safe cooking practices, and basic food hygiene. As one of our most popular NDIS group activities, those who take part enjoy the benefits of:

  • Learning Essential Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Safe Practices
  • Creativity and Patience
  • Social Interaction
  • Enhanced Mental Well-being

Why Cook n Connect?

  • Learn Essential Skills – The program equips you with essential cooking skills, teaching you how to prepare healthy, affordable meals. It is about becoming confident and independent in the kitchen.
  • Nutrition – Cook n Connect emphasizes the importance of nutritional eating for overall well-being. You will learn how to make food choices that support both your physical and mental health.
  • Safe Practices – The program teaches safe cooking practices and basic food hygiene, ensuring that you can cook confidently and safely at home.
  • Creativity and Patience – Cooking allows for creativity and experimentation. It is a process that can help build patience, a valuable skill in all areas of life.
  • Social Interaction – Cooking in small groups encourages social interaction. It is a chance to connect with others, share experiences, and build relationships.
  • Enhanced Mental Well-being – The act of cooking, combined with the social interaction and the focus on healthy eating, contributes to improved mental well-being. It is about nourishing your body and your mind.


Another one of our specialised NDIS social activities, Flourish is a 12-week program designed to help participants improve their mental health. Built upon real-life experiences, the program consists of four key parts: a workbook for you to use, recordings to listen to, group activities where you can learn and share, and coaching to guide you along.

Flourish is based on the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM), which is a set of principles and steps that helps one to make positive changes in their life. Flourish is designed to help you long after the program concludes, with participants able track how far they’ve come by using the Self-identified State of Recovery (SISR A & B) measures.

Flourish is all about giving you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take control of your life and start making positive changes for your mental health. Those who take part better learn how to:

  • Stay True to Their Self
  • Play to Their Strengths
  • Celebrate Their Life
  • Be Present
  • Aim for Progress
  • Find Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our group activities cover a range of experiences, including the likes of fishing, cooking, and meditating. They are designed to be as engaging or relaxed as you wish, ensuring you remain in your comfort zone even when taking part in new experiences. Chat to us about your goals and preferences, and we will pair you with the perfect activities for your situation.

Our social activities are open to both NDIS and private paying customers, ensuring that everyone who is eligible gets the chance to take part. You are free to only engage with the activities and services you wish to, while we are also happy to cater our activities to create the perfect plan for you.

At Karakan, we have been helping Brisbane and Gold Coast residents with their mental health and disability needs since 1972. We achieve this through our services that include daily living support, independent living services, psychosocial recovery coaching, and more. We were built on the principle of supporting the local community with their mental health well-being and recovery.

Ready to Join NDIS Social Groups Brisbane and Gold Coast?

Whether you or a loved one are looking to improve their social skills and mental well-being through group activities, Karakan is here to support you on your journey to recovery. Not only are our activities beneficial, but they also provide a great opportunity to better connect with your community and make plenty of new friends.

If you’re ready to get started or would like to learn more about our disability support services, send an email to customerservice@karakan.com.au, call us on (07) 3299 1898, or complete the attached contact form.

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Karakan supports me in doing the things I want to do. The staff take me shopping and to the swimming pool. I am happy with my support, and I enjoy chatting with staff when they come. I am going well with Karakan now.
Runbo Wang
Karakan has made me confident, happy, and keen to move forward with life. My team have been really engaging and supporting me to maintain my home and engage in studies. Karakan has helped me maintain my visits with my daughter and the staff have been instrumental in my development.
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I am extremely satisfied with the support provided by the service team. I am happy with my support worker and feel very safe and supported.

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