Lucy's Story

Our customer, Lucy, recently experienced the benefits of accessing and participating in the community. Living with depression and Prader Will Syndrome, Lucy suffers from a curved spine affecting her mobility. Lucy finds it difficult to walk for long periods without assistance. She was provided support  to make her own decisions to choose the service that suits her life. With the use of community access support she took a spontaneous trip to Movie World on the Gold Coast. 

Prior to this trip, Lucy hadn’t ventured too far from her home due to her anxiety and limited financial support.The team witnessed a positive change by supporting her to take the trip to Gold Coast. Lucy was ecstatic to get out and about at Movie world and especially enjoyed taking photos with the characters like Joker and Batman movies as well as enjoying the 4D movie experience.

The team was thrilled with the level of confidence and independence Lucy demonstrated when speaking to the staff, identifying the activities she’d like to do.

Her support worker offered the comfort and guidance Lucy needed to have a stress free walk in the park. This assurance made Lucy feel safe, secure  and comfortable. 

Having someone she could trust and understand was imperative to a good day out!

Lucy really enjoyed the day to Movie World and the assistance and company from her support worker from Karakan. She and her team are already planning their next trip to visit another park on the Gold Coast with her theme park pass and are hoping to visit Sea World next.

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