Our Governance

      Person-centred. Innovation driven.  

Karakan is a vibrant and sustainable organisation that was established to support people with mental health needs including those who have a disability, to gain identity, connection, and independence within their communities. We have a clear vision of an Australia where people with mental health needs are included and valued. Our mission is helping people with mental health needs build resilience and live life better, together. We are guided by our values of connection, inclusion, and resilience.

Guiding Principles 


Our guiding principles articulate the beliefs and commitments that form the basis of our organisational culture and practice and are visible in our leadership, strategic planning, and daily work. They uphold our values and serve as a beacon for the organisation to govern. Our guiding principles also determine the direction we take in continuously improving our services to meet the needs of people and the quality standards against which we measure our performance.

We ensure our services are inclusive and accessible to all individuals.

We uphold, protect, and safeguard human rights.

We listen to the honest and real voice of our people and action change. 

We are committed to achieving outcomes and impact guided by positive measurable actions. 

We drive social innovation and challenge the norm.  

We promote and support a culture of learning and development. 

We are committed to continuous quality improvement. 

We value lived experience and choices of people with mental health and psychosocial disabilities. 

We focus on recovery-oriented practices responsive to individual needs. 

We aim to provide coordinated support across our services in a safe and effective manner.